7 Ways To Take Decent Family Photos On Holiday


Have you seen this recent social media post “You only have 18 summers with your children”? It really makes you realise how precious those holidays are.

As a family photographer, I truly believe that photographs will immortalise those 18 unique summers so you will look at them again and again. Whatever camera you’ve got (phone, point and shoot or DSLR), here are my top tips on how to make the most of your photos this summer:

  1. Look for clean backgrounds – using a wall, the blue sky or the horizon, you can get some lovely portraits of your children posed or un-posed. The clean backgrounds really focus the subject and create stylish photos.

 Clear background


  1. Change your perspective – don’t take all your photos from your adult point of view but instead go lower, at your kids’ level; it makes the photos more interesting and relevant. Move around them and see if you can see another angle that could tell the moment in a different way.




  1. Look for details– if this is THE family holiday of the year, you want to remember what made the time together so special. Capturing the small things will trigger memories. When you look at the photos later, you’ll remember your youngest spending hours building sand castles after castles or the family’s favourite ice cream spot you went to every single day!




4. Get in the photos– do you want hear in a few year’s time when your kids look at your photo album: ‘Where were you, Mum?” because you’re not in any photo? If your kids are old enough, give them the camera, they’ll have fun experimenting and they’ll probably take it seriously. Ask your partner, a grandparent, a friend or even your neighbours at the campsite or by the pool. Just get in the pictures!

 Get In


  1. Get creative with your kids’ shadows– that’s a great way of expressing your artistic side while involving your children in the process. If you’re heading somewhere sunny in the UK or abroad, pick a time in the morning or towards the end of the afternoon when the sun is a bit lower,and ask them to play with their shadows. Silly poses and props will help creating fun or beautiful photos.



  1. Anticipate– you know your kids better than no one else so you can probably anticipate their facial expression when they’re being cheeky (playing a trick on a sibling or a parent), full of joy during a game or when trying new food abroad (you know, that yuck face). So be prepared with your camera, focus on their face and snap away when you get the expected reaction. It will make some memorable photos.



  1. Put the camera away – this made sound paradoxical but we’re all guilty of wanting to capture every single moment on holidays, snapping away endlessly. And sometimes, you should accept that you might miss a fun picture but you know what? It will be worth it because you will be having fun yourself with your kids… and that’s priceless.


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Marion Pelletant from Marion & You Photography

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Marion is a family photographer living in South East London (MGF Recommended Business). She was born and bred across the Channel but the British isles are now her home with her husband and 3-year-old boy. When she’s not playing snap or hide and seek, working or parenting, she enjoys swimming, watching Danish dramas and adding to her travel bucket list. You’ll often find her taking photos of her family at National Trust places at the weekend. You can follow Marion on Instagram: @marionandyouphoto/ Facebook: @marionandyouphotography and check her website: https://marionandyouphotography.com