7 Brilliant Things About Having A Baby

Sometimes, it may seem like they are mini-dictators sent straight from hell in order to torture you with sleep deprivation but – babies are brilliant. I completely appreciate that some of these are only relevant when you have one baby so cherish these things first time mums. Here’s seven reasons why I loved having a newborn…

1) They are endlessly fascinating (to you anyway)

Every burp, squeak and twitch is a thing of wonder when they are first born. You literally cannot help but stare at this tiny little human and amaze over everything they do. At the risk of making you puke into your cornflakes, they really are a little miracle. “Look!” you exclaim to anyone who is in earshot “they can almost control their head already – they’re so advanced”. Just don’t expect anyone else to be as equally impressed by your Einstein in the making.


2) You are suddenly a member of a gang of women “who know”

You have a birth story. You are in the gang. You know the secret handshake and you have the eyebags and sore bits which you wear proudly as battle scars. On a serious note – my support group – a group of ladies I met via the NCT were a lifeline when I had a newborn. Still are to be honest. There was always someone awake at 3am on whatsapp when you needed to rant/cry/simply know that someone else was awake too. No concern is too little to share with these ladies – they are always on hand to provide reassurance.


3) You get to eat a shit ton of cake

You need the cake because you *need the extra calories for breastfeeding/need the sugar for energy/have people visiting and you have are a good host (*delete as appropriate). When you have a newborn you eat so much cake. It’s brilliant.


4) People talk to you

Others may see this as a negative, but I loved having people come and talk to me and coo over my little girl. “Yes, she IS perfect’, I would think, “and I made her and pushed her out of my hoo ha. I am AMAZING”. On the flipside, they also provide you with an excuse to extract yourself from a difficult/boring/unwanted conversation. “Oh – I am sorry – she has done an enormous poonami and I need to leave immediately” – this will stop any conversation dead in its tracks. They are also a great excuse to avoid that social gathering you really didn’t want to go to.


5) Netflix boxsets

There is no greater excuse than a new baby to allow you to indulge in a good old Netflix binge. You’re up at all hours, sit down a lot, and this provides a perfect space to get stuck into a box set. “Are you still watching…” it asks. Yes, Netflix – I am. I have a newborn and have chosen to spend my time watching 8 episodes of “Orange is the New Black” back to back. I am immune to your judgey tone.


6) You (and your house) can look like shit and it doesn’t matter

You may not shower for a while and your hair may become a mess, but it doesn’t matter. It is nice to sometimes forget all that stuff and completely absorb yourself into this little person’s world and routine. Showers become less important than an extra five-minute cuddle with your little miracle. The housework can wait – who needs clean cups anyway? Order in a takeaway, eat it out of the cartons, and just enjoy being in the moment with your little one. Plus, if you’re lucky you can palm the washing up on one of the army of visitors who descend.


7) You are the centre of that little person’s world

They look at you with complete trust and you know that they feel safe with you. You are their everything – you nourish and protect them. It is a scary but amazing feeling to know that this little person is completely dependent on you. That first smile will melt your heart faster than an ice cream left outside in summer – and whilst your head knows that its only wind, your heart is completely under the spell of this little person.


And there you have it – having a baby is brilliant. I’ve also learned that you will make mistakes along the way – and whilst they may seem enormous and hideous at the time – you will be able to laugh about them later on. You also become an expert in getting loads done in an extremely short space of time – it’s like some sort of superpower! Don’t be backwards in coming forward if you need help – you will be surprised what people will do to assist you – but you have to ask. And last but not least – remember this important phrase when you are in the middle of a no sleep/constant feeding/won’t stop crying crisis “This too shall pass”. Having a newborn can be stressful, exhausting, and downright hideous sometimes – but it also is completely and utterly brilliant.

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Rachel Millington is a mum of two. In her spare time, she works in PR, hanging out with people who are all a good 10 years younger and a lot more glamorous than her, which is terribly good for the self-esteem. She also volunteers for Mind & MumsAid, because she very definitely believes that maternal mental health matters. She can be found tweeting (/ranting about politics) @rachmillington and is also charting her absolute hatred and despair of the weaning process on instagram @mummyledweaning (whoever said it was easier second time around LIED).

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