5 Places To Go When It’s Raining


Hell hath no fury like a chid with cabin fever – quick, grab your coats and leave the house before all hell breaks loose.

These top five places to go when it’s raining are just a taster of all the brilliant places to take your family in Gin Territory. There are loads more listed here, all reviewed by local parents and full of top tips to make your day easier.

Greenwich Picturehouse (Greenwich, SE10):

Less bright flashing lights and popcorn machines, and more old school cinema, the Picturehouse in Greenwich has comfy seats and great kids films. Parents of children under the age of one can enjoy ‘The Big Scream’; current films where babies are welcome in the audience.  Kids Club gives children aged 3-12 and their accompanying adults access to specific films for only £2. Easily accessible by train, DLR or bus and with its own carpark, Greenwich Picturehouse is MGF-HQ’s favourite cinema.

Full MGF Review: https://www.mummysginfund.co.uk/greenwich-picturehouse/


The Exchange – Library, Reminiscence Centre and Café (Blackheath, SE3):

More than the sum of any of its parts, The Exchange is an oasis in the heart of Blackheath, opposite the station. Housing a small collection of ‘things from the olden days’ in an intriguing array of boxes, drawers and cabinets, the upstairs of the Centre shares its space with a ‘not-for-profit’ charity café serving a simple but tasty menu with plenty of choices for the children and a kids’ corner with a blackboard and books. The warm and friendly atmosphere extends to the downstairs library where families are welcome to huddle with a book. A lovely way to break up the day. (The library are currently looking for a volunteer to lead their very popular Rhyme Time. Please get in touch with them if you would like to know more).

Full MGF Review: https://www.mummysginfund.co.uk/the-exchange-library-reminiscence-centre-and-cafe-blackheath/


Horniman Museum (Forest Hill, SE23) :

In my 20 years in London, I don’t think I’ve ever found anyone who didn’t love the Horniman. With so much variety, there really is something for everyone. The aquarium is the perfect size for children; full of bright colours, the bubbles and moving fish were like crack cocaine to all of my babies. In fact, in the early days I would park the pram infront of the tropical tank and have 40 winks! (family ticket £9). Now they are older, the Gin Kids are fascinated by the taxidermy in the main hall (free). Thousands of Victorian stuffed animals are a great backdrop for games of eye-spy or ‘can a you find a…..’. There’s a hands-on section where you can stroke a fox or pretend to be an insect. And all of this is before you go in to explore the exhibitions. Galleries full of enticing objects from around the world offer something completely different for the children to look at. Plus, there’s a large temporary, family friendly exhibition (at the moment it’s the brilliant Robot Zoo – family ticket £17). If the rain stops, you can run around the large gardens and visit the animals in their small farm. You could happily stay at the Horniman for a week and still not get bored. The annual pass is highly recommended, from only £27, and includes free entry to the aquarium and exhibitions.

Full MGF Review: https://www.mummysginfund.co.uk/horniman-museum-and-gardens/


Under 1 Roof (Woolwich, SE18):

Packed full of activities, Under 1 Roof is an ‘urban oasis for kids’ in Woolwich, SE18. There’s a 0-5 softplay, café, hairdressers, shops and a timetable stuffed full of activities to keep your children busy through the holidays. It’s also home to a theatre, housing performances and events for all the family. August 5th sees the return of ‘Happimess’, a brilliant hour of messy play, karaoke and disco for the under 5s. Calmer and friendlier than many kids centres, U1R is run by a team of Gin Fund mums and is one of our favourite places for creative and relaxed fun.

Full MGF Review: https://www.mummysginfund.co.uk/under-1-roof/


Wavelengths Leisure Centre (Deptford, SE8):

Home to both a swimming pool and small soft play area, a good old nap is pretty much guaranteed after a visit to Wavelengths. The pool changing rooms are a normal temperature rather than the 50-degrees-hotter-than-hell sweat holes at other pools (it’s the small things that make all the difference when you’re baby wrangling). The pool has a lovely walk-in, gentle slope making it ideal for toddlers and younger children. A small slide into the shallow end is the perfect place for children to gain their confidence before attempting the larger flume. Finally, the jacuzzi area provides a welcome place for the adults to relax whilst the children chase each other round the pool. There are also swimming lessons available throughout the year with intensive swim schools during the holidays. The viewing/seating area provides a great space to feed starving children after they get out the water, parking the buggy or just sitting down to put your shoes on. There is a full timetable of classes and activities and a small softplay, more suitable for under 5s. For older kids – and if the rain stops – Margaret McMillan Park has a playground for under 13s, around five minutes walk along Douglas Way, with swings, roundabout and climbing frames.

Full MGF Review: https://www.mummysginfund.co.uk/wavelengths-leisure-centre/

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