5 Books For Babies That Don’t Start: “That’s Not My…”

by Alison Ruane-Mehmet

Babies are never too young to be introduced to books! From very early on he or she can start becoming familiar with them, even if it’s just by cramming a board book in their mouth. They’re great for establishing bedtime routines and babies just love hearing their parent’s voice as the words are read aloud. Here are some of the favourites in our house.

(We’ve included links to buy the book – they are mostly Amazon. They’re just to help you find the book – they’re not sponsored or affiliated, we don’t get any cash so feel free to buy your book wherever you like! In fact, why not post in the Mummy’s Gin Fund buy & sell group and see if you can get a second hand copy?)

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

A brilliantly simple and fun story with bold animal illustrations and sturdy flaps. It’s still a best-seller 35 years on and it’s easy to see why. Buy it here.

Baby Touch by Ladybird

I’ve long been a fan of Ladybird’s baby touch range. They are some of the best books on the market for young babies as they have lots of touch and feel textures, cut-out shapes and bold, simple illustrations. They are also made of tough board so babies and toddlers can really get stuck in without destroying them. Buy it here.

Where’s Spot? By Eric Hill

Hide and seek is a popular game in any house, so looking for Spot is brilliant and familiar fun. Again, the flaps are fairly sturdy so they can withstand rough little fingers. This is an absolute classic and a great gift too. Buy it here.

Baby’s Very First Book: Faces by Jo Lodge

With everything going on in their tiny, developing minds, high contrast shapes and patterns hold the attention of babies like nothing else. There are lots of these black, white and yellow books on the market, this is one is popular and focusses on another of their great loves, faces. Buy it here.

Where’s Mr Owl? By Ingela Arrhenius

A recently discovered favourite for my 1 year old. This cute and simple book has cloth flaps which are perfect for clumsy little fingers to pull aside to reveal the hiding animal. You can also use all manner of daft voices to cry “Where’s Mrs Hedgehog? THERE SHE IS!!!” to the glee of your offspring. Buy it here.

Our ‘5 Books’ Series:
Reading. We all know how important it is to do with our kids, but knowing where to start can be near impossible. Trying to make sense of all of the series and graphic novels and young readers and confident readers and picture books and board books and bath book and flap books… It can be enough to get you reaching for the TV remote instead. Luckily, some MGF mums (and even an honorary MGF son!) have been hard at work compiling lists of recommendations to take you through from the very early days, when books are glorified teethers, right up to when your kids are old enough to walk into a shop and choose for themselves.
Oh – and – whisper it – we’ve even snuck in some adult lists too. For those many hours you have to enjoy reading. Right? Well. Next time you have 10 minutes, at least you won’t have to spend it deciding what to read.
5 Books For Babies That Don’t Start_ “That’s Not My…”
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Sharon is a 36-year-old new mum living in Herne Hill with her profoundly deaf husband Justin, disabled cat, Boo, rescue kitten, Ish and 10-week-old Elliott. She likes sleeping, caffeine, wine and chocolate. Before having a baby, Sharon worked in theatre as a stage manager and lecturer.