24 Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Parents Who Can’t Be Arsed


It’s only a few days until that annoying little oik turns up again, ready to give you one more thing to do before you collapse into your tiny slither of the bed after a long day at the coalface of parenting.

Anyway, fear not, it turns out you don’t have to hand crochet outfits or spend hours designing ‘hilarious’ tricks for him to play on your offspring – here are 24 different things your stripey-tighted squatter can do which won’t cause much stress.

The elf could……

1 – Write ‘hello’ on your table using cutlery

2 – Write ‘stinky’ in the sink in toothpaste

3 – Line all the shoes up like a train and put a teddy / toy in some of them

4 – Hang Daddy’s pants on the Christmas tree

5 – Draw whiskers on Mummy and Daddy with an eyeliner whilst they’re asleep

6 – Put all the teddies in the bath and then sit on top of them

7 – Hide in the fridge eating chocolate spread (smear some on the Elf’s mouth and give them a chocolatey spoon to hold)

8 – Write words like ‘poo’, ‘wee’, ‘willy’ and ‘fart’ on post-it notes and stick them all over the wall

9 – Wrap the Christmas tree in toilet roll

10 – Have a picnic with the other toys (use all that toy food from the Ikea kitchen, or any small foods you have like Cheerios or raisins)

11 – Sit and watch TV with the remote control and some popcorn

12 – Hide in someone’s coat pocket

bloody elves
13 – Get wrapped up in wrapping paper and put under the tree (with his head poking out)

14 – Ride around the lounge on a toy train

15 – Pretend to be a teacher and have a ‘blackboard’ (piece of paper on a clipboard) with something ‘rude’ written on it – all the other toys are pupils

16 – Hide in Mummy’s bra drawer with one on his head

17 – Change the quilt covers whilst the kids are asleep (this blows their minds!) (don’t forget to make a big deal about which one is on the bed before they go to sleep or they might not notice)

18 – Sit on the settee reading a book

19 – Hang upside down from a light somewhere

20 – Sit in the car, all strapped into the baby’s car seat

21 – Ride on a toy dinosaur or toy cow

22 – Fill the shower with balloons

23 – Make ‘snow angels’ on the kitchen worktop using loo roll ripped into bits or hundreds and thousands (do this on a baking tray to stop them going everywhere)

24 – Get trapped under an upside down glass with a note saying ‘help!’

Enjoy your visit from another little person in the house, refusing to eat anything, making a mess and causing havoc – just what you’ve always wanted……….

(25 – Pretend to drink empty bottle of Gin (remember to empty the bottle first 😉 )


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