10 Amazing Room Ideas For Your Kids

Have you ever noticed how children can be motivated, inspired, distracted or even utterly bored by their surroundings? How, when spotting a quirky corner with memorabilia at a museum or a café, they stop, have a closer look and start asking you questions? How if they find a cosy hiding nook they instantly turn it into a castle, a pirate ship or even a cosmodrome for launching their rocket to space? Or how they just look around and unimpressed immediately ask you to take them somewhere else?!

Our little ones have such open and inquisitive minds! And we can do so many things to stimulate them and foster their imaginations – not only when we are out and about with them but also at home. It’s up to us parents to create an environment where our child would love to sleep and spend their time. With a creative idea and some decorative touches, any room can be turned into a whole new world for your kids to explore and have fun in. Here are some examples of the themes to think about and experiment with:



I would have definitely loved this so much as a kid! With this theme, you can give your little explorer the perfect place to play. Decorating with animals and trees and providing a tent or a teepee as a hiding space will fill the room with an adventure vibe and encourage their interest in nature. Plaid, felt and tweedy touches make the room feel comfy, cosy and warm. Don’t forget to bring in some fairy lights, (almost) no kid’s room can do without them!



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Magical / Whimsy:

A creative approach for parents of children who keep asking for a pink room. You respect your child’s wishes by going with the pink, but use a more grown-up colour palette for the room to still appeal to your taste and stay more in line with the rest of your home’s décor. Using soft pastels and whites makes the room seem airy and full of light during the daytime and dreamy and whimsical in the evening with the (fairy) lights on. Don’t forget about the stars or clouds and golden accents, and of course a canopy!


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A really bright, bold and fun theme to experiment with. Circuses have been loved by boys and girls for generations because of its vibrant energy and simple humour. The key for this theme – as should be for many other kids’ rooms – is the use of colourful accessories on a neutral background. They really create this room and can be easily updated when the child grows up and moves on without having to do any major work on the room.



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I love monochrome rooms as they look minimalistic, bright and organised. They are also suitable for all tastes, which would be rather practical for some families.
You can always add in a colourful accent – a toy, a throw, a cushion and the colour will really pop in the black and white background. Research indicates children can concentrate better on colourful objects when the background is neutral, as too many bright coloured toys and accessories can be overwhelming.



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Great Britain/London:

A theme which is loved by children from toddlers to teenagers. The bright red, white and navy colours complement each other, creating a vibrant and energetic space. So many symbols and patterns work well in combination – stripes, Union Jack, double deckers, tube and street signs, you name it. What a great imagination booster!


GB bedrooms

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The world’s latest tropical interior obsession has probably developed because of its sunny and positive exotic summer vibe. Believe it or not, but at the moment probably every respectable shop with a home range has a line of tropical themed merchandise.  And how can one not go for these stunning fresh colours? Lush green murals, pretty pinks, gold accents, exotic patterns and birds can transform a child’s room into a rainforest paradise. Is there a child who wouldn’t fancy embarking on a jungle expedition?


Tropical bedrooms

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I really love the bohemian take on nurseries – they appear very peaceful, bright and natural looking, a true oasis of calm – just like a nursery should be. Currently one of the leading nursery trends, the bohemian design is a happy, relaxing and easy-going look, which can be playful, vibrant and chic and elegant at the same time. It is also easy to achieve: think a macramé wall artwork, an oriental rug, wood and wicker pieces, cotton and linen accessories, colourful textiles. And don’t forget a plant!


Bohemian bedrooms

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A perfect room theme for little scientists, space explorers and Star Wars lovers! Just imagine falling asleep under the glowing night sky full of planets, comets and stars. A brilliant theme for boys, which is equally adored by girls – my 4 year-old daughter just loves her ‘space lab’ and tirelessly reminds us that Pluto is no longer a planet. With brilliant space themed toys, bedding and accessories currently available in a number of boutiques you can easily put a smile on your little astronaut’s face.


space bedrooms

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Quirky / Vintage:

A quirky vintage room can truly become a whimsical universe where your child can get lost for hours. For many people, this is something for flea market and second-hand store enthusiasts – but it really isn’t! For example, it’s not about a shabby wardrobe smelling of mould but a gorgeous reclaimed vintage furniture piece, which is one of a kind and will make a statement. In such a room, you can go for an eclectic look with a mix and match of items without any rules. Nothing is off limits here – a great opportunity to express your child’s – and your own -style and creativity. The quirky pieces will come together beautifully, creating a charming and imaginative space for a kid.


Vintage bedrooms

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It’s not often that one sees an all-white room for a child, but there are so many reasons why many Scandinavian parents go for them – I’m also a big fan. A great choice for shared spaces, white rooms will never go out of style and will grow with your kids. White is a great choice for small spaces – such a room will always feel light and bright no matter the size and will work well for a baby or a teen, just as much as an adult. Just look how magical these rooms look, what an interesting way to encourage your child’s creative thinking.


all white bedrooms

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