This month at MGF

Here at MGF-HQ, we dedicate our time and energy to kicking parental loneliness up the backside.

#knowvember is the jewel in our anti-loneliness crown; a whole month of face-to-face and online activities, events and meet-ups designed to get parents out of their houses and into each other’s lives.

It’s a month of friendship, camaraderie and community. We’d love for you to join us, there’s always room for one more. #nomumleftbehind #nodadleftbehind

beer pouring

A letter to my younger self… being married to an alcoholic

A letter to my younger self... being married to an alcoholic   To my sweet, naive and...
her centre appeal

MGF Christmas Gift Appeal – WE NEED YOU PLEASE!

As part of #KNOWvember - a whole month of face to face meet ups to...
Rose-Marie Christian, Raj Swamy and Mehavi Patel in Three Sat Under the Banyan Tree. Credit Craig Fuller

Review: Three Sat under the Banyan Tree – Polka Theatre, Wimbledon.

Running Fri 28 Sep – Sun 21 Oct I was a little apprehensive before the performance...
TomCat 6

Catford Has Its Own Actual Gin: This Is Not A Drill

Think you know your gin? Think you know South London? Did you know that Catford...

The Right Way To Feed Your Baby

Breast Vs Bottle is one of the major things that people seem to want mums...
mum 3 kids

3 Kids With 3 Dads: One Step Too Far?

"Are you having anymore" the question every parent gets asked. Whether you have one or...